ACF.glsgls 残差の自己相関関数
ACF.lmelme 残差の自己相関関数
AlfalfaSplit-Plot Experiment on Varieties of Alfalfa
AssayBioassay on Cell Culture Plate
BICBayesian Information Criterion
BIC.logLiklogLik オブジェクトの BIC
BodyWeightRat weight over time for different diets
CefamandolePharmacokinetics of Cefamandole
DialyzerHigh-Flux Hemodialyzer
Dim.corSpatialcorSpatial オブジェクトの次元
Dim.corStructcorStruct オブジェクトの次元
Dim.pdMatpdMat オブジェクトの次元
GasolineRefinery yield of gasoline
GlucoseGlucose levels over time
Glucose2Glucose Levels Following Alcohol Ingestion
GunMethods for firing naval guns
IGFRadioimmunoassay of IGF-I Protein
Initialize.corStructcorStruct オブジェクトの初期化
Initialize.glsStructglsStruct オブジェクトの初期化
Initialize.lmeStructInitialize an lmeStruct オブジェクトの初期化
Initialize.reStructreStruct オブジェクトの初期化
Initialize.varFuncvarFunc オブジェクトの初期化
LDEsysMatGenerate system matrix for LDEs
MachinesProductivity Scores for Machines and Workers
MathAchSchoolSchool demographic data for MathAchieve
MathAchieveMathematics achievement scores
MeatTenderness of meat
MilkProtein content of cows' milk
MuscleContraction of heart muscle sections
NamesNames Associated with an Object
Names.formulaExtract Names from a formula
Names.pdBlockedNames of a pdBlocked Object
Names.pdMatNames of a pdMat Object
Names.reStructNames of an reStruct Object
NitrendipeneAssay of nitrendipene
OatsSplit-plot Experiment on Varieties of Oats
OrthodontGrowth curve data on an orthdontic measurement
OvaryCounts of Ovarian Follicles
OxboysHeights of Boys in Oxford
OxideVariability in Semiconductor Manufacturing
PBGEffect of Phenylbiguanide on Blood Pressure
PhenobarbPhenobarbitol Kinetics
PixelX-ray pixel intensities over time
QuinidineQuinidine Kinetics
RailEvaluation of Stress in Railway Rails
RatPupWeightThe weight of rat pups
RelaxinAssay for Relaxin
RemifentanilPharmacokinetics of remifentanil
SoybeanGrowth of soybean plants
SpruceGrowth of Spruce Trees
Tetracycline1Pharmacokinetics of tetracycline
Tetracycline2Pharmacokinetics of tetracycline
VarCorrExtract variance and correlation components
VariogramCalculate Semi-variogram
Variogram.corExpCalculate Semi-variogram for a corExp Object
Variogram.corGausCalculate Semi-variogram for a corGaus Object
Variogram.corLinCalculate Semi-variogram for a corLin Object
Variogram.corRatioCalculate Semi-variogram for a corRatio Object
Variogram.corSpatialCalculate Semi-variogram for a corSpatial Object
Variogram.corSpherCalculate Semi-variogram for a corSpher Object
Variogram.defaultCalculate Semi-variogram
Variogram.glsCalculate Semi-variogram for Residuals from a gls Object
Variogram.lmeCalculate Semi-variogram for Residuals from an lme Object
WaferModeling of Analog MOS Circuits
WheatYields by growing conditions
Wheat2Wheat Yield Trials
[.pdMatSubscript a pdMat Object
allCoefExtract Coefficients from a Set of Objects
anova.glsCompare Likelihoods of Fitted Objects
anova.lmeCompare Likelihoods of Fitted Objects
as.matrix.corStructMatrix of a corStruct Object
as.matrix.pdMatMatrix of a pdMat Object
as.matrix.reStructMatrices of an reStruct Object
asOneFormulaCombine Formulas of a Set of Objects
asTableConvert groupedData to a matrix
augPredAugmented Predictions
balancedGroupedCreate a groupedData object from a matrix
bdfLanguage scores
coef.corStructCoefficients of a corStruct Object
coef.gnlsExtract gnls Coefficients
coef.lmListExtract lmList Coefficients
coef.lmeExtract lme Coefficients
coef.modelStructExtract modelStruct Object Coefficients
coef.pdMatpdMat Object Coefficients
coef.reStructreStruct Object Coefficients
coef.varFuncvarFunc Object Coefficients
coef<-Assign Values to Coefficients
collapseCollapse According to Groups
collapse.groupedDataCollapse a groupedData Object
compareFitsCompare Fitted Objects
comparePredCompare Predictions
corAR1AR(1) Correlation Structure
corARMAARMA(p,q) Correlation Structure
corCAR1Continuous AR(1) Correlation Structure
corClassesCorrelation Structure Classes
corCompSymmCompound Symmetry Correlation Structure
corExpExponential Correlation Structure
corFactorFactor of a Correlation Matrix
corFactor.corStructFactor of a corStruct Object Matrix
corGausGaussian Correlation Structure
corLinLinear Correlation Structure
corMatrixExtract Correlation Matrix
corMatrix.corStructMatrix of a corStruct Object
corMatrix.pdMatExtract Correlation Matrix from a pdMat Object
corMatrix.reStructExtract Correlation Matrix from Components of an reStruct Object
corNaturalGeneral correlation in natural parameterization
corRatioRational Quadratic Correlation Structure
corSpatialSpatial Correlation Structure
corSpherSpherical Correlation Structure
corSymmGeneral Correlation Structure
covariate<-Assign Covariate Values
covariate<-.varFuncAssign varFunc Covariate
ergoStoolErgometrics experiment with stool types
fdHessFinite difference Hessian
fitted.glsStructCalculate glsStruct Fitted Values
fitted.gnlsStructCalculate gnlsStruct Fitted Values
fitted.lmListExtract lmList Fitted Values
fitted.lmeExtract lme Fitted Values
fitted.lmeStructCalculate lmeStruct Fitted Values
fitted.nlmeStructCalculate nlmeStruct Fitted Values
fixed.effectsExtract Fixed Effects
fixef.lmListExtract lmList Fixed Effects
formula.pdBlockedExtract pdBlocked Formula
formula.pdMatExtract pdMat Formula
formula.reStructExtract reStruct Object Formula
gapplyApply a Function by Groups
getCovariateExtract Covariate from an Object
getCovariate.corStructExtract corStruct Object Covariate Data Frame Covariate
getCovariate.varFuncExtract varFunc Covariate
getCovariateFormulaExtract Covariates Formula
getDataExtract Data from an Object
getData.glsExtract gls Object Data
getData.lmListExtract lmList Object Data
getData.lmeExtract lme Object Data
getGroupsExtract Grouping Factors from an Object
getGroups.corStructExtract corStruct Groups Groups from a Data Frame
getGroups.glsExtract gls Object Groups
getGroups.lmListExtract lmList Object Groups
getGroups.lmeExtract lme Object Groups
getGroups.varFuncExtract varFunc Groups
getGroupsFormulaExtract Grouping Formula
getResponseExtract Response Variable from an Object
getResponseFormulaExtract Formula Specifying Response Variable
getVarCovExtract variance-covariance matrix
glsFit Linear Model Using Generalized Least Squares
glsControlControl Values for gls Fit
glsObjectFitted gls Object
glsStructGeneralized Least Squares Structure
gnlsFit Nonlinear Model Using Generalized Least Squares
gnlsControlControl Values for gnls Fit
gnlsObjectFitted gnls Object
gnlsStructGeneralized Nonlinear Least Squares Structure
groupedDataConstruct a groupedData Object
gsummarySummarize by Groups
intervalsConfidence Intervals on Coefficients
intervals.glsConfidence Intervals on gls Parameters
intervals.lmListConfidence Intervals on lmList Coefficients
intervals.lmeConfidence Intervals on lme Parameters
isBalancedCheck a Design for Balance
isInitializedCheck if Object is Initialized
lmListList of lm Objects with a Common Model
lmList.groupedDatalmList Fit from a groupedData Object
lmeLinear Mixed-Effects Models
lme.groupedDataLME fit from groupedData Object
lme.lmListLME fit from lmList Object
lmeControlControl Values for lme Fit
lmeObjectFitted lme Object
lmeScaleScale for lme Optimization
lmeStructLinear Mixed-Effects Structure
logDetExtract the Logarithm of the Determinant
logDet.corStructExtract corStruct Log-Determinant
logDet.pdMatExtract Log-Determinant from a pdMat Object
logDet.reStructExtract reStruct Log-Determinants
logLik.corStructExtract corStruct Log-Likelihood
logLik.glsStructLog-Likelihood of a glsStruct Object
logLik.gnlsLog-Likelihood of a gnls Object
logLik.gnlsStructLog-Likelihood of a gnlsStruct Object
logLik.lmListLog-Likelihood of an lmList Object
logLik.lmeLog-Likelihood of an lme Object
logLik.lmeStructLog-Likelihood of an lmeStruct Object
logLik.reStructCalculate reStruct Log-Likelihood
logLik.varFuncExtract varFunc logLik
matrix<-Assign Matrix Values
matrix<-.pdMatAssign Matrix to a pdMat Object
matrix<-.reStructAssign reStruct Matrices
model.matrix.reStructreStruct Model Matrix
needUpdateCheck if Update is Needed
needUpdate.modelStructCheck if a modelStruct Object Needs Updating
nlmeNonlinear Mixed-Effects Models
nlme.nlsListNLME fit from nlsList Object
nlmeControlControl Values for nlme Fit
nlmeObjectFitted nlme Object
nlmeStructNonlinear Mixed-Effects Structure
nlsListList of nls Objects with a Common Model
nlsList.selfStartnlsList Fit from a selfStart Function
pairs.compareFitsPairs Plot of compareFits Object
pairs.lmListPairs Plot of an lmList Object
pairs.lmePairs Plot of an lme Object
pdBlockedPositive-Definite Block Diagonal Matrix
pdClassesPositive-Definite Matrix Classes
pdCompSymmPositive-Definite Matrix with Compound Symmetry Structure
pdConstructConstruct pdMat Objects
pdConstruct.pdBlockedConstruct pdBlocked Objects
pdDiagDiagonal Positive-Definite Matrix
pdFactorSquare-Root Factor of a Positive-Definite Matrix
pdFactor.reStructExtract Square-Root Factor from Components of an reStruct Object
pdIdentMultiple of the Identity Positive-Definite Matrix
pdLogCholGeneral Positive-Definite Matrix
pdMatPositive-Definite Matrix
pdMatrixExtract Matrix or Square-Root Factor from a pdMat Object
pdMatrix.reStructExtract Matrix or Square-Root Factor from Components of an reStruct Object
pdNaturalGeneral Positive-Definite Matrix in Natural Parametrization
pdSymmGeneral Positive-Definite Matrix
phenoModelModel function for the Phenobarb data
plot.ACFPlot an ACF Object
plot.VariogramPlot a Variogram Object
plot.augPredPlot an augPred Object
plot.compareFitsPlot a compareFits Object
plot.glsPlot a gls Object
plot.intervals.lmListPlot lmList Confidence Intervals
plot.lmListPlot an lmList Object
plot.lmePlot an lme or nls object
plot.nffGroupedDataPlot an nffGroupedData Object
plot.nfnGroupedDataPlot an nfnGroupedData Object
plot.nmGroupedDataPlot an nmGroupedData Object
plot.ranef.lmListPlot a ranef.lmList Object
plot.ranef.lmePlot a ranef.lme Object
pooledSDExtract Pooled Standard Deviation
predict.glsPredictions from a gls Object
predict.gnlsPredictions from a gnls Object
predict.lmListPredictions from an lmList Object
predict.lmePredictions from an lme Object
predict.nlmePredictions from an nlme Object
print.summary.pdMatPrint a summary.pdMat Object
print.varFuncPrint a varFunc Object
qqnorm.glsNormal Plot of Residuals from a gls Object
qqnorm.lmeNormal Plot of Residuals or Random Effects from an lme Object
quinModelModel function for the Quinidine data
random.effectsExtract Random Effects
ranef.lmListExtract lmList Random Effects
ranef.lmeExtract lme Random Effects
reStructRandom Effects Structure
recalcRecalculate Condensed Linear Model Object
recalc.corStructRecalculate for corStruct Object
recalc.modelStructRecalculate for a modelStruct Object
recalc.reStructRecalculate for an reStruct Object
recalc.varFuncRecalculate for varFunc Object
residuals.glsExtract gls Residuals
residuals.glsStructCalculate glsStruct Residuals
residuals.gnlsStructCalculate gnlsStruct Residuals
residuals.lmListExtract lmList Residuals
residuals.lmeExtract lme Residuals
residuals.lmeStructCalculate lmeStruct Residuals
residuals.nlmeStructCalculate nlmeStruct Residuals
simulate.lmeSimulate results from lme models
solve.pdMatCalculate Inverse of a Positive-Definite Matrix
solve.reStructApply Solve to an reStruct Object
splitFormulaSplit a Formula
summary.corStructSummarize a corStruct Object
summary.glsSummarize a gls Object
summary.lmListSummarize an lmList Object
summary.lmeSummarize an lme Object
summary.modelStructSummarize a modelStruct Object
summary.nlsListSummarize an nlsList Object
summary.pdMatSummarize a pdMat Object
summary.varFuncSummarize varFunc Object
update.modelStructUpdate a modelStruct Object
update.varFuncUpdate varFunc Object
varClassesVariance Function Classes
varCombCombination of Variance Functions
varConstPowerConstant Plus Power Variance Function
varExpExponential Variance Function
varFixedFixed Variance Function
varFuncVariance Function Structure
varIdentConstant Variance Function
varPowerPower Variance Function
varWeightsExtract Variance Function Weights
varWeights.glsStructVariance Weights for glsStruct Object
varWeights.lmeStructVariance Weights for lmeStruct Object

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