R 2.2.1 の変更点




o Use of 'pch' (e.g. in points) in the symbol font 5 is now
  interpreted in the single-byte encoding used by that font.
  Similarly, strwidth now recognizes that font 5 has a different
  encoding from that of the locale.  (These are likely to affect
  the answer only in MBCS locales such as UTF-8.)



o The malloc's of AIX and OSF/1 which return NULL for size 0
  are now catered for in src/main/regex.c.
o Indexing by character NA matched the name "NA".
o The arith-true test used random inputs and did not set the seed, so
  it could fail very occasionally.
o arima() with 'fixed' supplied and p=0 for the non-seasonal
  part could give spurious warnings about 'some AR parameters
  were fixed'.
o Conversion from POSIXct to POSIXlt is done more accurately
  around the change of DST in years not supported by the OS
  (pre-1970 on Windows and some others, and in the far past or
o image() was failing with an error when plotting a matrix
  of all NA values.  (PR#8228)
  image() could fail if called with add=FALSE (the default) and
  length(x)=1 for either x or y, as it uses the plot coordinates of
  the previous plot (if any).
o The plot() method for TukeyHSD() needed updating after adding
  adjusted p-values.  (PR#8229)
o is.loaded() now finds Fortran symbols whether or not the
  registration mechanism has been used.
o ISODateTime() mistakenly corrected non-existent times (when
  DST was being started) in the current time zone.
o getGraphicsEvent() would cause memory corruption if passed an
  empty prompt.
o qr() and chol() now pivot the colnames of the result when
  pivoting is used.  (PR#8258)
o example(points) omitted pch=0, although it was valid and
  said in the text to be illustrated.
o plot.default() had an unused 'lab' argument, thereby preventing
  the 'lab' graphics parameter being passed through '...' .
o Although polygon(col = NA) was the stated default, specifying
  NA was not equivalent to omitting the argument (but col=NULL
  was equivalent).
o aggregate.ts() did not allow for rounding in frequencies such
  as 1/5.
o prcomp(tol=) was not dropping the sdev's corresponding to
  dropped columns.
o Subassignment of a vector which increased the length of the
  vector _and_ had the wrong length of replacement could
  occasionally segfault.  (This has been there since at least
  mid 1997.)
o The registration of .Fortran symbols was broken: these could
  only be looked up if there were also .Call symbols registered!
o R CMD build was incorrectly rejecting the recommended form of
  name for a translation package, 'Translation-ll'.  (PR#8314)
o numericDeriv() gave nonsense results unless the variables were
  real, which was not checked.
o predict.prcomp() would sometimes give an error when predicting
  a single observation.  (PR#8324)
o The arith-true test used identical() on floating-point results,
  and this allowed a failure when the relative difference was
  less than .Machine$double.eps but non-zero.
o Conversion of .Rd files did not correctly match braces
  enclosing a whole argument, e.g. \eqn{{\bf a}}{a}.
o The C function pythag (used if hypot was not available) would
  infinite-loop on systems with effective optimizing compilers.
o Both the R front-end and INSTALL could find the attempted
  temporary directory name already in use on platforms without
  mktemp (and a genuine Bourne shell /bin/sh, not bash).  Now
  both the process ID and a timestamp are used to create the
  directory name.
o t() now longer drops dimnames 'list(NULL,NULL)' or 'list(NULL)'.
o Influence measures such as rstandard() and cooks.distance()
  could return infinite values rather than NaN for a case which
  was fitted exactly.  Similarly, plot.lm() could fail on such
  examples.  plot.lm(which = 5)  had to be modified to only plot
  cases with hat < 1.  (PR#8367)
  lm.influence() was incorrectly reporting 'coefficients' and
  'sigma' as NaN for cases with hat = 1, and on some platforms
  not detecting hat = 1 correctly.
o nlminb() used an uninitialized variable unless bounds were supplied,
  and so failed on 64-bit Solaris.

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