R 2.1.1 の変更点



   o	glm() now accepts 1D arrays (e.g. tables) as a response,
	dropping them to a vector whilst preserving names.
   o	df() with one infinite df now works (to match pf()).
   o	Added tclServiceMode() function to the tcltk package to allow
   	updating to be suspended.
   o	The Encoding: field of a DESCRIPTION file is now documented,
	and used by packageDescription() and library(help=).


   o	lm(qr=FALSE) now works.
   o	predict.glm() not longer loses names for "response" predictions.
   o	Typo in menu(graphics=TRUE) meant it failed on Unix if tcltk
	was not available.
   o	When names.dist() was removed, the result of cmdscale() lost
	its rownames.  The example also lost the labels.
   o	read.table() was not handing escaped quotes inside quoted fields
	in the first five lines of the file.  (PR#7789)
	It was also not handling correctly EOF in the first five lines
	when reading from stdin().  (PR#7772)
   o	make.packages.html() called by help.start() was failing if
	there were installed packages with help titles invalid in the
	current locale.
   o	printCoefmat(signif.legend = FALSE) was non-functional. (PR#7802)
   o	Some as.date.frame() methods failed because the expression
	deparsed into multiple lines. (PR#7808)
   o	Printing arrays/data frames with multibyte characters in the
	column labels was sometimes misaligned or using excessive space.
   o	as.POSIXlt() could give infinite recursion if passed a corrupt
	"POSIXct" object (generated by an incorrect call to c.POSIXct,
   o	Printing the result of an unbalanced model.tables() call
	sometimes got confused if terms() had rearranged interaction
	terms.	(PR#7829)
   o	.Platform$pkgType was wrong on the CRAN MacOS X build, and
	.install.macbinary() was missing.
   o	as.personList() as used by citation() got confused by names
	containing "and".  (PR#7797)
   o	Subscripting an array by a matrix containing zero or negative
	values or the wrong number of columns was not handled
	consistently. (PR#7824)
   o	select.list(multiple=TRUE) now detects and tries again for invalid
	text input.
   o	add1.[g]lm could give strange results with interaction terms
	when the model and the upper scope had different orders for
	the main effects.  (PR#7842)
   o	A bug had sneaked into the anova.mlmlist() code, affecting the
	Greenhouse-Geisser epsilon. Code wrongly assumed a matrix to
	be symmetric. (Thanks to Bela Bauer.)
   o	anova.mlmlist() and mauchley.test() are now more tolerant to rank
	deficiency in the M and X matrices (also when they are implicitly
	generated via model.matrix()).
   o   anova.mlm had a scoping issue (PR#7898)
   o	pf() with infinite df is allowed again.	 It is now more accurate
	for extreme ratios of dfs, especially when there is a
	non-centrality parameter.
   o	df() was inaccurate for large df (1e16 or greater).
   o	dt() was inaccurate for large df (1e9 or greater) with a
	non-centrality parameter.
   o	runmed(*, algorithm="Turlach") seg.faulted in rare cases.
   o	strwrap() now makes a reasonable job of text that is invalid in the
	current locale.
   o	Reading with encoding "UCS-2LE" will remove any Byte Order
	Mark, as most implementations of iconv fail to handle BOMs
	(which are present in 'Windows Unicode' files).
   o	unique() for a list was incorrectly reporting `unimplemented'.
   o	The parser's contextstack was not protected against overflow,
	e.g. more than 50 unmatched '('.  (PR#7859)
   o	source(file, chdir = TRUE) was not checking that 'file' was a
	filepath (rather than a URL).  For 2.1.0 only, it did not work
	even if 'file' was a filepath.
   o	Hershey fonts were being sized based on pixels not points so came
       out too small on devices where pixels were noticeably different
	from points (e.g., win.printer() and high-resolution screens).
	Fix means that default size of Hershey fonts may be slightly
	different, for example, smaller by default on PostScript and PDF.
   o	The branch cuts in the complex versions of the inverse
	trigonometric and hyperbolic functions were non-standard.
   o	truncate() on file() connections was limited to files < 2Gb.  It
	now works for larger files at least on 64-bit OSes and others
	where ftruncate supports such files.  (Related to PR#7879)
   o	proj.aovlist() did not work correctly on objects fitted from a
	data frame with row names.
   o	The coding standards recommendations had
	nuke-trailing-whitespace where newer versions of ESS need
	ess-nuke-trailing-whitespace.  (PR#7888)
   o	package.skeleton() missed the first newline in the DESCRIPTION file.
   o	pbirthday() reported p = 1 too often when coincident > 2.
   o	plot(1:3, exp(1:3), log = "y", ylim = c(30,1)) {reversed
	log-scale axis} now works, based on Uwe Ligges' suggestions.
   o	install.packages() was aborting when a package in a bundle was
	chosen from a menu.  It failed if more than one package in a
	bundle was chosen from the command line.
   o	qcauchy() suffered from underflow in the extreme tails.  (PR#7902)
   o	Printing of raw matrices/arrays was not implemented. (PR#7912)
   o	getCallingDLL()'s default first argument did not correspond to
	its description and has been changed.  The mismatch caused
	symbols in .C/.Call/.Fortran calls without a PACKAGE= argument 
	to be potentially looked up in the wrong namespace.
   o	Binary save() of raw vectors was not working correctly on
	big-endian platforms.  (PR#7812)
   o   as.Date.factor() now accepts a format argument.
   o	Workaround added for FreeBSD which does not have alloca.h _and_
	does not allow alloca() to be declared.
   o	identify() now respects 'cex'.  (PR#660)
	Warnings from identify() are now printed immediately even on
	consoles with delayed printing.

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