R 2.5.1 の変更予定




* 新しい仕様 [#hed1d52b]

- library() は,アルファベット順ではなく .libPaths() の順番でライブラリーツリーによってソートされる

* インストール [#h3fcbc08]
- 'make check' will work with --without-iconv, to accommodate ~
building on AIX where the system iconv conflicts with ~
libiconv and is not compatible with R's requirements.

* バグフィックス [#s76b4bdc]

- as.dendrogram() が "dendrogram" クラスを持つオブジェクトでこけていた

- plot(type ="s") (or "S") で,数百数千のプロットをすると,スタックのオーバーフローを起こす

- Coercing an S4 classed object to "matrix" (or other basic class) ~
failed to unset the S4 bit.

- The 'useS4' argument of print.default() had been broken by an ~
unrelated change prior to 2.4.1.  This allowed print() and ~
show() to bounce badly constructed S4 objects between ~
themselves indefinitely.

- Prediction of the seasonal component in HoltWinters() was one ~
step out at one point in the calculations.

- density(1:20, bw="SJ") now works as bw.SJ() now tries a larger ~
search interval than the default (lower,upper).

- unlink() で再びワイルドカードが使えるようになった(2.5.0 では使えなかった)

- When qr() used pivoting, the coefficient names in qr.coef() were not pivoted to match.  (PR#9623)

- UseMethod() could crash R if the first argument as not a character string.

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