*教師あり学習 [#h8a3f92f]
**サポートベクターマシン [#a5271bd2]

**ブースティング [#tcc334ce]
--[[Model-based Boosting in R - A Hands-on Tutorial Using the R Package mboost:]]

*教師なし学習 [#t7ed40d2]

*レコメンド [#dc6d72a5]
--[[How can R and Mahout be used together?:]]

*Deep Learning(深層学習) [#w81b39f1]
-[[Rで Deep Learning]]

*書籍 [#cb468bc5]
-[[Machine Learning for Hackers:]] O'Reilly, 2012/02.
-[[(翻訳)入門機械学習:]] Ohmsha, 2012/12.
-[[The Elements of Statistical Learning:Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction.
Second Edition:]] Springer, 2009/02.
-[[Machine Learning with R:]] , 2013/10
-[[An Introduction to Statistical Learning: with Applications in R:]], 2014/08

*関連サイト [#z9fc5af0]
-[[「きかいがくしゅう!」@Tsukuba.r:]] 発表用スライド
-[[High-Dimensional Microarray Data Sets in R for Machine Learning:]]

-[[Benchmarking Machine Learning Models Using Simulation:]]

-[[Incomplete Data by Design: Bringing Machine Learning to Marketing Research:]]

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