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*SAS ⇔ R [#md422957]
-Bringing the SAS legacy into an R environment [[PPT:]] & [[PDF:]]
-[[Example 7.10: Get data from R into SAS:]]
-[[Example 7.9: Get data from SAS into R:]]
-[[how to read spss, stata, and sas files into r:]]
-[[R is to SAS as Java is to COBOL:]]
-[[Adventures in Statistical Computing:]]
-[[Comparing performance in R, foreach/doSNOW, SAS, and NumPY (MKL):]]
-[[Video: Calling R from the SAS/IML Language:]]
-[[Integrating R into a SAS shop:]]

*分析機能 [#z2789213]
-[[The Chi-Squared Test of Independence – An Example in Both R and SAS:]]
-[[Experiences with using SAS and R in insurance and banking:]]
-[[A macro calls R in SAS for paneled 3d plotting:]] SAS のマクロ
-[[Example 9.5: New stuff in SAS 9.3– proc FMM:]]
-[[From SAS to R:]]
-[[Model decision tree in R, score in Base SAS:]]
-[[Time Series Intervention Analysis wih R and SAS:]]
-[[SAS Macro Simplifies SAS and R integration:]]

*関連サイト [#e7148f3f]
-[[An infographic comparing R, SAS and SPSS:]]
-[[SAS and R - Examples of tasks replicated in SAS and R:]]
-[[R for SAS and SPSS Users:]]
--[[table of equivalent R packages for SAS and SPSS add-ons:]]

*文献 [#ncc3df5e]
-[[Example 2014.9: Rolling averages. Also: Second Edition is shipping!:]]

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